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As I, Jaylon Givan (CEO/Founder of G.Y.) REFLECT on not only the magnitude of what #GYHWS19 did for the community, but the transcending effect it had on me personally, I will forever cherish the indefinite continuity gained from this experience. Writing this message is a necessity for you rather than me. I need you all to know that I’ve been able to take a step further into my soul with the help of your light. Furthermore, this message is important to me because we often forget that even GIANTS go through the toughest battles. Last year (2019) has by far been the most challenging, heartbreaking, soul losing… I mean I could literally say I was at my lowest from the beginning pretty much until the end–having no clear direction, vision, or desire. After a while I wasn’t able to feel from the inside out. My favorite part of this journey was continuing to seek God in the midst of it all even when I didn’t want to, literally pushing myself to do so. He rewarded me with #GYHWS19, the greatest, groundbreaking, closing to the year past my own imagination. I can honestly say I wouldn’t change a single thing about this year and that it all makes so much sense now.

#GYHWS19 almost didn’t happen this year. After #GYHWS18, I immediately knew that it was a movement that I wanted to continue to do annually, focusing on my community’s development. Birmingham, AL (my hometown) has done so much for me that any amount of words will never be able to express. It was early November when I initially started pushing for #GYHWS19 to happen. The blue print was there and I remember contacting Jacqueline Lockhart (my heart) of J. Lockhart Performing Arts Institute with so much fire. I knew it was coming close to the holiday season and the workshop series had been on my heart in the midst of starting all over again in a new city (Houston, Texas). I was in a confused place last year when it comes to my purpose and career. Wasn’t sure if I could actually balance life, priorities, my mental health, HWS, etc., or if HWS was actually a priority not only to me but to Birmingham. Through this experience I’ve learned it is a priority and necessity for my soul and so many other souls. My soul yearns to GIVE to my people and the entire world. I have a unique special light inside of me created by God that shines even when I think it’s not. You guys have helped me realize that my Creator will never fail to do His work. This time around I taught only two classes, they were the most special classes that I could’ve chosen (Intro/Beg Ballet and ME – Mental Health). I took a step back to admire and study what God is doing through Givan You. Man oh man what a beautiful sight! I observed everyone from day 1 (Holiday Workshop Series) and day 2 (Community Informal Showing) operate and interact through love, kindness, joy… I watched those who attended since last year, those who I’ve known for a decade and beyond, and those who attended for the first time grow and expand in just two days. I saw that there was something special in Birmingham that could never be taken away, that is the operation of family. We were able to have an open conversation with the faculty, directors, parents, dance artists, aspiring dancers, audience members about moving forward and nurturing our community. I would like to end by saying that I can never thank anyone who has ever supported Givan You in any type of way, enough. If you’ve support me you’ve supported Givan You and vice versa. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I encourage you to stay with me on this journey, as well as up to date with what we are doing. #GYHWS2020 ?



Jaylon D. Givan

Luther Jackson








Givan You LLC is an organization that takes pride in engaging, educating and empowering people internationally. Uniting through love, life, art and giving; our primary focuses are growing and encouraging while creating opportunities for others to do the same. We believe in self-discovery, equality and love in aspects beyond dance.

Givan You was founded September 29th, 2016 in Montgomery, AL by Jaylon Givan. Our love for giving was discovered first through humanity, art then dance. G.Y. originally began as Givan You Steps (an open level hip hop workshop), after realizing there was so much more to give we renamed ourselves. We are striving to continuously create opportunities for others to showcase and enhance themselves.

In the beginning Alabama State University students were 75% of our supporters, while the remaining were from the community of Montgomery, AL. Helping build G.Y.’s foundation was our original instructors Jaylen Clay, Jordan Cowan, Asia Martin, Jaitlyn Sherrod, and guest instructor, Frankie Lee Peterson III. Classes were sponsored by Halls of Ivy owned by Jordan Gulledge. December 22nd, 2016 was GY's first workshop outside of Montgomery, which was held in Birmingham, AL. We are now grateful that we have been able reach audiences in D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, New York, California, Texas, and look forward to connecting with more. We would like to welcome and invite you to join our community. There is room for everyone.

Can you tell me more about a G.Y. workshop?

G.Y. Workshops has experienced an audience of 60+ people comprised of beginning to advanced level dancers. As we continue to grow we are always thinking of fun, new ways to challenge ourselves while creating an unforgettable experience for you! We pride ourselves on G.Y. workshops being an opportunity for you to unlock your fire and passion. You can expect to start with exhilarating cardio, followed by a lesson to add to your body’s vocabulary and topping it off with a challenging yet exciting combination. Most of our workshops have been hip-hop or contemporary based. Givan You welcomes beginners as well as non-dancers. Come learn, grow, and share your talent.


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We have a lot planned for you all and believe that it is important for you to be informed on what's in the works. Currently, we are working on a project called Connecting Through Givan (C.T.G.). C.T.G. is a summer experience that will tackle a 7- city tour allowing us to fellowship through giving, life, arts, and dance. We are looking to target dance organizations in different cities around the United States. G.Y. is offering technique classes (ballet, modern [Horton], jazz, and hip hop), choreography/rehearsal (contemporary) classes that will provide individuals with different approaches and a refreshing style of movement, a set work of choreography that the dance organization might want to use throughout their season, a talkback session, and a community service activity. These opportunities will also be open to the public. Lastly, to end C.T.G., we will hold 1-2 week dance intensive in Birmingham, AL. This intensive will include guest instructors, different dance techniques, and a performance opportunity at the end. Additionally, Givan You is all about giving. We would love to give scholarships to students to further their dance education. In addition to these amazing opportunities, we put on our Annual Holiday Workshop Series every year in December.

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